Welcome to my website which shows a selection of my artworks. Like many artists I am inspired by the world around us and the animals we share it with. I am an Honorary Life Member of the Association of Animal Artists, so do paint a lot of animals, for exhibitions and commissions. My signature pieces have become my Inky Cats which were inspired by my own Siamese cats, who I adore. I also love to paint landscapes and seascapes, using a variety of painting mediums because I love to try new methods and explore possibilities.

Some pictures on this website are for sale, others are photos of commissions I have done for clients. High quality prints can be ordered from most of the individual paintings. I am a member of The Fine Art Trade Guild and will always ensure that my prints are of the highest quality, using the giclee process in archival inks that guarantee they are colourfast and will last for a great many years.

For your security I use PayPal to accept payments. If you have any queries, I will be pleased to discuss them with you. Thank you for visiting!

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